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kim-sirrs-at-with%20art.jpgI was born in Sault St.Marie Ontario in 1969 and attended the Ontario College of Art (Toronto, Canada), where I did a four year program of fine arts, drawing and painting. I was lucky enough to study in Florence, Italy for my third year, specializing in the Renaissance Era, and focusing on painting.

After graduation I moved out to Vancouver,B.C. and in 1996 I found a way to merge my life studies in art with making a living. I began an "old-school" apprenticeship (non-paying) at a street shop on Hastings street called ''The Devil's Den'', and it was there that tattooing became revealed to me by earning each and every tidbit of knowledge.

Tattooing demands so much dedication to learn, which is one of the things that lured me into the field.

Learning to tattoo well did not come easily, and it continues to reveal itself to me on a daily basis. Tattooing has allowed me to travel and I spent a year working in San Francisco, and seven years on Vancouver Island (mainly Nanaimo and Victoria).

kim-sirrs-at-work-bw.jpg The type of tattooing that I enjoy doing is varied and I try to be versatile in most styles. Tribal tattooing, for me, instills primitive rooted connection to nature and culture. I really relate and appreciate its simple graphic power and ability to accentuate the human form. I also love totem and animal tattoos because when we tattoo them on the body we harness some of that energy.

I guess you could say that both my tattoos and my paintings have the same purpose, which is to enhance people's connectiveness to nature. 

I enjoy myth, magic, legend and storytelling in all of my forms of art. Not all of my tattoos have these elements, but what makes me happiest is to try to exceed the expectations of my clients.

How much will it cost?

The shop rate is $100 per hour, which is pro-rated for chunks of hours in longer sessions. (That means that 1-3/4 hours will cost $175, not $200.) There is a an $80 minimum charge for a tattoo session.

Appointment Deposits and Cancellation Policy

  • 100 dollar deposit, which holds your space and comes off the cost of your tattoo at the end.
  • 48 hour cancellation. If you cancel with less notice it forfeits your deposit.

Training and Certificates 

  • certificate of training for sterilization practices for the body modification industry completed in 2000 and 2007
  • bloodbourne pathogens and principles of infection control by Health educators inc. in 2007

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